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The USBSPYDER08 Kit is availible for just about 10 Euro at elektor so I bought me one for testing. I had no problems with the installation and the demo ran out of the box. The demo application is not very exciting, it only dims a LED. So I soldered the bridge on R2 and built a little project on a prototype board withe the 16 pin version of the MC9S08QG8..

On the protoboard is a MC9S08QG8, a LED bar and a potentiometer. The LED bar can show the 10 bite of the AtoD converter. The controller can drive the LEDs directly, so no more components are needed. The lower 8 LEDs are connected to Port B and the upper two to Port A0 and Port A1. The potentiometer is connected to A/D channel 3. At first I wanted to display the 10 ts f the AtoD converter binary on the LED bar. Because Iīm not so familar with the HCS08 registers I decided to use the Device Initialisation Wizard. A few clicks and the AtoD converter was configured.

Now I had to add a little code. In the file MCUinit.c I added a few lines to the Interrupt service Routine.

A few more lines added to main.c and everything was done.

Now it was easy to see how much noise was in this circuit. The complete project can be downloaded here
Becase this wasnt really much of programmimg I decided to write another program. This time I wanted to show the the value of the AtoD converter in percent. Once again I started the Wizard, this time I didnīt wanted to use interrupts.

This time I changed nothing in MCUinit.c, but did some more coding in main.c.

Once again the wole project for download
In summary for 10 Euro you cant do much wrong. The Spyder can only program the controller of the MC9S08Q series. It would be nice if there was a 5V compatible controller in a 16 pin package. The device is of good quality and the software works ffine. Debugging is really slow. The spyder kit is of much more use than my two Nitron Demo Kits.
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